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Places of Attraction in Calicut

Calicut known as the City of Spices during the Middle Ages was a major trading point of eastern spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and turmeric. Today it is a much favoured tourist destination in India. Located in the state of Kerala it was once the most important region of the Malabar Coast. Even though the city has seen a lot of growth in the last few decades it still retains the lush greenery which brings about a balance between the natural world and manmade structures. There are various places of attraction in Calicut like Kappad beach, Mananchira Square, Calicut beach, Pazhassi Raja museum and lots more.

Calicut Beach 4.3 km

Calicut beach is located near the town of Kozhikode and is a place where people get together to relax and enjoy the cool breeze and beautiful sunsets. The two crumbling piers that extent into the sea are reminiscent of the past reminding us of the historical significance of Calicut. While here you can also visit the Marine Water Aquarium, which houses varieties of fresh water and marine fish and the Lions Park, which is a park for kids.

Kappad Beach 21 km

Kappad beach is a favourite tourist destination in Calicut and is well known for its historic significance. The famous explorer Vasco Da Gama landed here on May 20, 1498 establishing a trade route between Europe and India which eventually led to the domination of India by The East India Company. Today it is a serene and undisturbed prospect in favour of a much needed shelter from a hectic lifestyle.

Beypore13 km

Beypore is a small coastal town of traditional ship builders which is widely known for its 'Big Boats' or 'Urus'. Not very far from the town of Kozhikode Beypore has many attractions like Beypore beach, Dolphin's Point and the traditional boat-building yard. Pulimutt is a bridge in Beypore constructed by piling stones and extents in to the sea for about 1km. A few of the other places of interest include the Kadalundi bird sanctuary, Thiruvachira Kulam and Beypore lighthouse.

Mananchira3 km

Mananchira Square is a park that is located at the centre of Kozhikode city. It is named after the rectangular manmade lake around which the park is built. The more recent addition to Mananchira Square is a 'Literary Park' and the sculptures of characters drawn from the works of renowned literary figures. There are a few important buildings adjacent to the park like the Town Hall, Central Library and Common Wealth Trust Office. SM Street near Mananchira is filled with small shops and vendors and is one of the busiest streets in Kozhikode.

Sarovaram Bio Park1.6 km

The Sarovaram Park is yet another place to visit in Calicut. It truly brings out the serene beauty of nature and is sure to capture ones heart. This is one among the 27 wetlands of natural importance that has been recognized by the Government of India for preservation under National Wetland conservation programme. You will find a lot more here such as Bird Sanctuary Area, Kalipoika, and Mangrove Bio Reserve.

Pazhassiraja museum5.1 km

The Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery is easily reached from Kozhikode and houses various artefacts, mural paintings, ancient coins, antique statues, and umbrella stones. The museum was named after the famous freedom fighter Pazhassi Raja Kerala Varma who led the 'Pychy Rebellion' against the British East India Company. The Art Gallery has a collection of paintings from the well known Raja Ravi Varma and Raja Raja Varma.

Tali Temple2 .5 km

The Tali Temple is one of the most ancient temples in Calicut. It was build during the Zamorin rule. This Shiva temple attracts a lot of pilgrims each year. It is made with Laterite and wood in unique Kerala style architecture.

Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary96 km

Wayanad wild life sanctuary is an animal sanctuary and you will be able to see animals like Tiger, Elephant, Deer and Indian Bison. It is the second largest wild life sanctuary in Kerala. The place is 105Kms from Calicut railway station. It is also known as Muthanga wild life sanctuary which is also the house for a lot of endangered species of rare flora and fauna. Other places of attraction are Pookodu Lake and soochipara water falls.